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Jocic: Certain number of girls ends in Kosmet

18.10.2007. Source: Srna
Ministry of Internal of the Republic of Serbia Dragan Jocic said that certain number of girls victims of human trafficking ends in Kosovo and Metohija, where are stationed international troupes which should be a guarantee of security, and instead they are generator of the problem.

“Most usually victims of human trafficking in transit through Serbia are citizens of Rumania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine, and it is interesting that their final destination are not only countries of western Europe, but also our province Kosovo and Metohija, where international troupes are stationed ” � said Jocic at the regional conference in Belgrade.

He said that this “circumstance is especially upsetting and that it demands responsible and decisive answer”.
Emphasizing the need for European and universal approach to the human trafficking problem, Jocic said that no country in the world, no matter how organized and developed, is able to win this fight.
He presented Europol’s data that over million of children at global level is involved in child trafficking for the purposes of illegal adoption.
Jocic also stated data of the International Labor organization according which over 12 millions of people is in every moment is exposed to forced labor or slavery, child labor or sexual abuse.
He also said that it is estimated that in this way a profit between 7 and 13 billions of USD is gained every year that are further invested in other forms of criminal activities and terrorism.
Jocic said that Serbian Government has proclaimed October as a month of fight against human trafficking and stated that in first nine months of this year Serbian police brought 26 criminal charges for human trafficking against 57 persons for 83 victims.
Deputy of Secretary General of Council of Europe Maud de Boer – Buquicchio said that over 600 000 people yearly illegally cross borders where 80% are girls and women, 60% is forced in sexual slavery.
She said that these illegal immigrants are victims of sexual slavery, forced labor, organ transplantation and false adoption.
She invited counties from the region – participants at the seminar to sign Convention of Council of Europe against human trafficking and for victim assistance.
Presented at the seminar are representatives from Serbia, BiH, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Austria, Greece, Italy, Rumania as well as experts of the Council of Europe for human rights.

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