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“Jet Set” HELL!


28.07.2007, Source: Press
S. D. (22) from Sombor was forced into prostitution for four years in nightclub “Jet Set” in Novi Pazar!
“Press” publishes a confession of the unfortunate girl that was bitten and bind by her patron and his wife, who also wouldn’t let her go out. However, S.D. has managed to escape on June 22, after an unseen torture!

I was brought there by fraud!

Since I was five years old up to my sixteen I was living in a foster family, who adopted my brother and me. As I didn’t like living with them, I went to my sister Mirjana, and after that I lived for sometime at my other brother Slaviša.
As I wanted to be independent, I wanted to find a job and to live on my own, so I left both my sister and my brother – said S.D. to the police and added:

– So on one occasion, I don’t remember the year, I met Slobodan Burgović from Sombor at the bus station in Sombor. He explained to me that he could find me a job in his restaurant in Novi Pazar, where I could earn a lot of money. As I was broke and without any plan, and as I also needed a job, I accepted his offer.
In Novi Pazar two women received us. I latter found out that they are Brankica Ružić and Milena Srića. Brankica told me that she owns the restaurant, that she is in charge for everything and that I will do what she tells me to do.
She showed me where I will sleep, and ordered other girls to bring me dresses for “pole dancing”. That’s when I realized that Slobodan deceived me. I put the clothes for “pole dancing”, but I spent evening standing aside. But then Brankica ordered me to approach clients and to dance for them.
I saw clients were touching other girls and I was afraid. At one moment Brankica’s husband Hasib Šećović told me to approach one fat man, which I refused.
He than slapped me several times. He took me upstairs where the rooms are, and forced me to have sexual intercourse with this fat man, whose name I don’t know.

I survived an unseen torture!

Since than and in next three or four years I lived and worked in this night bar against my will, and I was forced into prostitution against my will! When I told that I want to leave or tried to do so, Brankica and security workers Nuro, Almir, Šumar, Milena, Elvis, Cigo, Faruk and others prevented me to do so. I was punished – bitten, tied with a tape and locked in the room!
Besides being forbidden to go out of the club, I was not allowed to watch television, use the phone, read newspapers or to have any contact with persons outside the club!
From Brankica I received 300 dinars a day for food and cigarettes; for the clothes used for “pole dancing” she charged us explaining that I owe her money for that.
Prostitution was practiced in such a way that Brankica or Milena Srića would take the money from sex services, 30 to 100 euros. Apart from nightclub, prostitution was also practiced in hotels “Oksa”, “Dušanov konak”, “Han”, “Tač, “Vrbak” and others. While I was in “Jet Set”, several girls were forced into prostitution there.
In mid June, Ana and I took the advantage of Brankica’s absence. Milena Srića was alone with us and she was sleeping. We stole the key from the front door and we escaped.

Nine persons arrested

On July 12, after S.D. testimony police arrested a group of persons that held girls imprisoned in “Jet Set”. Brankica (Hasiba) Ružić (47), Hasib Šećović (52), Faruk Džaltur (45), Idriz Feković (36), Nuro Baltić (41), Elvis Džaltur (32), all from Novi Pazar, Azem Miljajem (31) from Smederevo, Milena Srića (58) from Vršac and Slobodan Burgović (31) from Sombor, were arrested on the suspicion of committing a criminal act of human trafficking.
In the nightclub “Jet Set”, whose owner is Hasib Šećović, three more girls were found; one of them is identified as human trafficking victim.

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