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International Women’s Day – March 8

International Women’s Day – March 8 was marked this year in Belgrade by a march that brought together several hundred participants under the slogan “Arise, the downtrodden of the earth”. Representatives of ASTRA joined the protest with the organizers from the Women Against Violence Network, the Women in Black Network, the Roma Women’s Network, the Reconstruction Women’s Fund and the Left Summit of Serbia. The march started from the Republic Square in Belgrade and ended with a visit to the exhibition of posters from around the world dedicated to the March 8, entitled “Internationalist Solidarity”. During the march, the following banners could be seen: “Against capitalism and patriarchy”, “Our anger is our strength”, “Violence is a crime”, and ASTRA’s messages “Open your eyes. Stop the trafficking in women” and “Women are not meat, children are not slaves, people are not a commodity. Naked facts.”


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