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International Migrants Day

Source: B92

Today is the International Migrants Day. There are more than one billion of migrants in the world, of whom 214 millions are international migrants.

International Organizations for Migrations has expressed concern because in the majority of countries migrants do not have access to health care services.

At this point only Argentina, Brazil, France, Portugal and Spain have provided health care services to all, including illegal migrants.

This organization reminds that the world today depends more on the movement of people and workforce, but migrants still do not have adequate health protection in the majority of countries because of the lack of laws and regulations in the public health system.

Ban Ki-Moon: Human Rights are not a Matter of Charity

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has reminded of vast contribution made by migrants to host countries, saying that it is a myth that they are a burden and a danger to a society.

“Migrations exists in all countries, like myths and stereotypes about their influence”, stated Ban in message,

“Migration affects all countries – and so do myths and misperceptions about its impact”, said Ki-moon in his message published on the UN website. “One such myth is that migrants are a burden.”

“In reality, migrants make vast contributions to host countries” he said and reminded that migrants, more than 214 of them all over the world, bring knowledge, skills, capital, while many of them often car for the youngest and oldest members of society.

Ban warned that people usually consider irregular migration as a crime and as dangerous to society.

“These and other unfounded beliefs lead to the adoption of migration policies that are irrelevant at best or even dangerous”, he said.

UN Secretary General stressed that states have the sovereign prerogative to manage their borders, but they also have the duty to abide by their international legal obligations and reminded that all persons, without discrimination and regardless of nationality or legal status, are entitled to enjoy fundamental human rights.

“No migrant should be sent back to a place where he or she will be tortured.  Every migrant woman should have access to health care, including reproductive health care.  Every migrant child should be able to go to school”, said Ban.

According to him, human rights are not a matter of charity, nor are they a reward for obeying immigration rules, but human rights are the inalienable entitlement of every person.


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