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“Human Trafficking King” Arrested

11 March 2010. | 16:48 | Source: Tanjug

Belgrade – The Interior Ministry reports that the police arrested Milivoje Zarubica (45), called Puja, known as the Balkan Human Trafficking King.

It is said in the communication that Zarubica was arrested in Blace near Kursumlija. There has been an arrest warrant issued against him on the basis of a four-year prison sentence he has to serve  upon the final and enforceable judgment of the Belgrade Higher Court,

On the arrest, Zarubica “was using forged documents on the name of Zoran Papovic”, based on which he was living in the territory of Niš and Leskovac, where he was involved also in trade in cultural objects found during illegal archeological diggings in various locations in Serbia”.

“During 1999, three criminal reports were raised against him”, it is said in the communication of the Interior Ministry, specifying that “in only one action against Zarubica in Resnik in December 1999, 46 girls from Romania and Moldova were found, as well as DEM 180,000”.

The police reports that Zarubica, known in public as the Balkan Human Trafficking King, was on the run for two months in 2003, when the police was searching for him for mediation in prostitution, reminding that he was arrested then during the Saber action in Batajnica.

In 2004 and 2005, the Higher Court in Belgrade “sentenced him, together with another 11 persons, for various trafficking offences, because he was involved in organizing prostitution and illegal deprivation of liberty of at least 11 Moldova nationals”.

In November 2008, the Anti Mafia Court in Bologna (Italy) sentenced him to the prison term of 17 years and a fine of EUR 150,000 for human trafficking and mafia alliance, it is added in the communication.

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