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Human trafficking chain from Ukraine to Kosovo

Source: Blic | 25.06.2008

Law enforcement of Montenegro and Serbia for fight against organized crime broke international human trafficking chain of girls from Ukraine transferred to Kosovo for sexual exploitation, said police of Montenegro.

Mutual police action, called “Balkan route” lasted for several months.
Two Ukrainian citizens came yesterday to Montenegro on the flight Kiev – Tivat. One international criminal organization dealing with human trafficking prepared for them false documents stating they are staying like tourists in Montenegro. The intention was that Ukrainian girls avoid visa regulations with Serbia and to be transferred from Montenegro to Kosovo.
This criminal organization, as stated, is trying to use tourist arrangements from Ukraine to Montenegro and so to transfer women to Kosovo.
Montenegrin police, unit for fight against organized crime and corruption arrested yesterday four Serbs – J. A, M. S, T. V. and E. D, under suspicion that they have committed criminal act of organized human trafficking.
Serbian police within this action arrested two persons under same suspicion.

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