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Human Traffickers Arrested

27 March 2009. | 16:42 | Source: FoNet

Belgrade – The police officers of the Belgrade Police Department arrested Josip Poljakovic and Arpad Senci from Subotica under suspicion of human trafficking.

“This is the follow-up of an action which the police started on March 18, when Bajro Suljikovic, Sabahudin Granica and Gabrijela Imamovic were arrested under suspicion of recruiting, purchasing and selling a larger number of women in the territory of Subotica, Novi Pazar and Kosovo”, it is said in the Interior Ministry’s communication.

Since the mid-2008 until March 18, this criminal group were recruiting girls from the territory of Subotica for sexual exploitation by promising them decent jobs in Novi Pazar. The girls would then be sold or handed over to Suljakovic, who owns night bar Bristol in Novi Pazar.

All activities related to the recruitment, transfer, handing over and keeping women from Subotica were done by Poljakovic and Senci and other still unidentified female and male persons from the territory of Subotica and Novi Pazar.

According to the communication, during the search of the night bar Bristol, 37.6 grams of cocaine were found in the room of Gabrijela Imamovic, which was offered to victims for the purpose of control and preventing them from expressing any free will.

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