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GMCN Annual Conference in Lisbon

The Global Missing Children Network (GMCN), in collaboration with the Portuguese Judiciary Police and Institutio de Apoio a Crianca, a member of the GMCN of Portugal, organized the 11th Annual Network Conference in Lisbon from December 4-6, focusing on the issue of missing persons and children in the context of migration/migrant crisis. The conference essentially covered other issues too, such as the exchange of good practices in finding missing children, distribution of promotional materials, news on the GMCN network, initiative of AS Roma (football club) ) to help raise awareness of missing children, and other.
The conference aimed to exchange new knowledge and experiences gained between the two annual conferences, as well as to consider further joint action. The proposal for forming working groups within the GMCN that would address specific issues couth the attention of the present audience, e.g., how to advance the partnership with AS Roma and the sports community in general. In addition, coordinated action by network members on the occasion of International Day for Missing Children was agreed on May 25, 2020.

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