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Girl sold for 2.500 Euros, gang members arrested in Vienna

Tanjug | 25. 11. 2011.

Only one day after a large group of human traffickers from Bulgaria had been broken, the Austrian police arrested four gang members who had “bought” a 27-year-old girl in Serbia and forced her into prostitution in Vienna.

According to today’s communication, the girl managed to call for help from the phone of one of the “customers” on Sunday. She was rescued on Monday and the group leader, a 32-year-old man from Vienna was arrested, along with four accomplices.

She told the police that she had been sold in Serbia for 2500 EUR, to the man from Vienna, who brought her to Vienna vie Hungary on November 8.

He kept her captive in the Austrian capital and she couldn’t leave the apartment being under constant surveillance.

She said that she had been given only little food and she had had to serve up to six customers a day. The fee for her “services”, in the amount of 120 EUR had been collected by the girls “owners”.

Thanks to one of her “customer’s” cell phone she managed to call one of her relatives on Sunday, to whom she told that she was held in one apartment in Vienna and forced into prostitution. The relative informed the Serbian police, who alerted their colleagues in Vienna.

Along with the 32-year-old man, suspected to be the gang’s leader, the police arrested his wife, a 29-year-old Serbian girl living in Vienna, a 32-year-old and a 25-year-old men from Slovakia.

They are suspected of running an illegal escort service, being the drivers or the security. The police investigation is still on-going regarding the other accomplices and their “connections” in Serbia. It is assumed that there are more victims to be found.


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