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Five years of imprisonment for human trafficker

11.12.2007, Source: Politika

Court verdict alerted and expanded to BiH citizen, Slavko Delic from Prijedor, who will be expelled from Serbia after serving sentence
Nis – For recruitment and attempting to take several minor girls from Nis to the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they would allegedly work in restaurants, Slavko Delic, called Slavisa (34), from Prijedor, was sentenced to five years of imprisonment before Palace of justice in Nis. Board of judges in District Court Nis, with presiding judge Danilo Nikolic, accepted prosecutor’s complaint and alerted and expanded verdict for two years. Verdict was pronounced at original jurisdiction before Nis Municipality Court, where the crime against human trafficking was committed and proven in August 2007, when Delic was sentenced for three years of imprisonment.
By the same decision of District Court board of judges, Slavko Delic will be expelled from Serbia with the prohibition to return to our country for five years.
Slavko Delic was arrested in October 2006 in Nis, when he was placed in pre-trial confinement. He was sentenced before Municipality Court Nis to three years of imprisonment, for the abuse of difficult living conditions and recruitment of two minor girls from Nis, A. K (13) and A. S. (16) and few years older Ivana P. (18), by which he committed criminal act of human trafficking. He came to Nis and put an ad into local newspapers claiming that he is looking for girls to work in the cafés. After several meetings with the girls he offered to A.S. and Ivana P., who had passports, to transfer them to Bosnia where they would allegedly work in cafés in Novi Travnik and Bihac. Minor A. K. who run away from her parents and did not have passport, was promised to be transferred to Novi Sad, where he would arrange a passport for her and latter on transfer her to Bosnia.
At the arranged time when he was supposed to leave with the girls to Novi Sad and Bosnia by bus, Slavko Delic noticed the police patrol near bus station, and got scared. He rapidly changed his plans and instead going by bus he decided to take the girls by friend’s car. But in a meantime one girl’s parents found out about his plans, reported the police and started to look for their child. Slavko Delic tried to escape, but the police arrested him on October 16 2006.
At the Municipality Court both prosecutor and defense attorney lodged a complaint. District Court expanded verdict from three to five years of imprisonment.

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