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European Commission Report for Serbia

On April 17, 2018, European Commission published Country Report for Serbia. The whole report is available here

The part of the report related to the fight against human trafficking is the following: 

“Serbia is implementing its strategy and action plan for the prevention and suppression of trafficking in human beings for 2017-2022. The capacity of the Centre for Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings should be strengthened. A support fund for victims should be established, and the compensation mechanism in civil proceedings needs to be improved. Efforts to facilitate victims’ reintegration in society require particular attention. The mixed migration flows passing through the country also offer new opportunities for traffickers: unaccompanied minors are at particular risk. Efforts should be stepped up to reduce children’s vulnerability to trafficking and improve the identification of and assistance to child victims. A limited number of mainly low profile cases have been successfully investigated. Investigative capacity in this field was substantially increased by transferring competences from the Border Police Directorate to the Criminal Police Directorate. However, Serbia should more proactively investigate and gather evidence in order to rely less on victims’ statements and to avoid re-victimisation.”

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