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EULEX about Human Trafficking in Kosovo

October 18, 2010, Source: Tanjug

Priština – Head of EULEX Kosovo Xavier Bout de Marnhac said that Kosovo is a region of origin, transit and destination of trafficking victims.

He said that EULEX is committed to systematically address the need to combat this crime.

Mr. de Marnhac also said that he will ensure that cases of trafficking are properly investigated and prosecuted. EULEX will continue to support the Kosovo authorities in their efforts to implement the legislation and national action plan against trafficking in human beings.

In the press release on the occasion of the EU Anti Trafficking Day, Head of Eulex Mission said that human trafficking is a high profit and low risk  crime.
“Trafficking means the exploitation of vulnerable individuals by criminals who deal with people as commodities to be traded for the sole purpose of financial gain. It is considered one of the most serious crimes worldwide, a gross violation of human rights, a modern form of slavery, and an extremely profitable business for organised crime. It is a crime that undermines the rule of law and has negative effects on peace and security”, said Mr. de Marnhac.

The Anti-Trafficking Day was established in 2007 by the EU with the aim of highlighting the importance of this issue.

Although women and children comprise the highest number of trafficked persons, increasingly men are trafficked for labour exploitation.

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