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Donate and help victims of human trafficking

ASTRA- Antitrafficking Action decided to join the contest made by the Global Giving organization with the aim to raise funds in order to help victims of human trafficking. It is necessary to begin to collect $5,000 in donations for the Global Giving organization. This will be available for victims of human trafficking in Serbia and will be used to directly help the victims and continuing to collect donations will continue to help this sensitive and vulnerable group.

Due to this, we would like to ask all citizens who are able to donate money to donate. This will help victims and will help the organization to recover victims. You may donate from March 14th to March 25th, but there is a “Bonus Day” on March 17th, when the money paid on that day increases by 20%.

The project proposal and a link where you can support ASTRA in its efforts (by clicking on the DONATE NOW) is available here.

Please note that ASTRA has been financed for 15 years only by donations and that all our donors are transparent and available on the official website. So far, ASTRA has worked with 470 trafficking victims providing them with help and assistance during their recovery, which is a very long, difficult and exhausting process. Victims require different forms of assistance and/ or accommodations such as: food, clothing, medical expenses, psychological help (for overcoming the traumatic experience) and legal assistance in court proceedings.

There is no minimum donation amount, so we invite you to donate as much as you are able to and to join us in helping victims of various forms of exploitation. Your donation can help solve the various problems victims encounter during this process.

Best regards,

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