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Detention for 16 Persons Arrested for Extortion and Human Trafficking

Tanjug | 01. 12. 2010. – 21:44h | Photo: AP

JAGODINA – A 30-day remand ordered against 16 persons who were arrested two days ago in the territory of Jagodina, Ćuprija and Paraćin suspected for several counts extortion, money laundering and human trafficking since 2008 to date.

Janićijević i Petrović  said to Tanjug that the hearing lasted from 1 to 9 o’clock PM; the suspects either opted for keeping silent or denied their guilt.

The suspects are Dragan Ramić, alias “Rade” (43), Zoran Ramić (19) and Ivan Ramić (25), Goran Marinković, alias “Marinke” (33), Miroslav Jovanović, alias “Cane” (50), David Jovanovuć, alias “Daki” (22), Zoran Jovanović (40), Vladan Urošević (44), Nenad Uroševiću alias “Neša glavče” (36) and Dušan Arsić (46). Miloš Jovanovioć, called Miša (21) is on the run.

They were arrested by the police officers from the Criminal Police and the Jagodina Police Department.

It is said in the communication that the suspects acted as an organized group for the purpose of extortion of money in the name of the alleged debt and usurious interests. While committing the offence, they were using force, threats and other intimidation methods.

“To that end, Dušan Arsić, police officer in the Ćuprija police station, abused his office”, it is said in the communication stressing that one of the injured parties was forced to perform labor and sexual services out of fear for her life, while the suspects were taking money that she earned I this way.

It is interesting that the majority of the arrested were on the dole or had child allowance as the only source of income.

The 30-day remand has been ordered against Janoš Đeljadinij (33), Radovan Mijović (59), Aleksandar Tasić (28), Snežana Milosavljević (44) and traffic police officer from Paraćin Goran Tomašević (40) for suspected abuse of office, giving and receiving bribes.

It has been reported that while arresting these persons, the police confiscated 12 vehicles (Mercedes and BMW), fire arms and ammunition, around 300,000 EUR and one kilo of golden jewelry.

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