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Deli Monday in the Cultural Center Grad

ASTRA’s representatives organized the Deli Monday in the Cultural Center Grad on 4 December 2017. The activists’ menu comprised of documentary videos and leaflets on prevention with the aim of preventing human trafficking among the migrant population related to the new campaign “Migrations are OK. They are about People”.

Jovana from the Girl Panic, as a DJ, raised the atmospheric pressure, and the kitchen table was abundant with pasta with chicken and mushroom sauce, and with broccoli and mushroom sauce for vegetarians. The guests could taste delicious cherry and raspberry cakes.

During this event, the audience could see the videos from ASTRA’s new campaign which was a part of the project „I am a refugee – I am a migrant – I am a human. “ The video showed a scene when a migrant family interrupted shooting of a Serbian SF movie. The production reacted with a lack of understanding and asked them why they were there. The lead actor, Dragan Micanovic, reacted in a normal, human way and said that all was fine, that the people were just passing by, the migration was OK and we should accept them as they were about people.

The message we are sending says that although the migrations are the „zone of western portals“, we wish that our society reacts positively to the integration of migrants and their incorporation in all social trends. Additionally, we wish, by this campaign and the other material, to attract the attention of the migrant population, but also of a wider public, that the migrants are one of the vulnerable social groups, which can be in risk of different types of exploitation.

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