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Daughter Sold for A Horse and Some Money

Source: Tanjug, 1 March 2011

Sisak/Zagreb – The Croatian police said that there is an ongoing investigation against a married couple from Sisak suspected of selling their 15-year old daughter for EUR 1080 last month.

The spouses from Sisak sold their daughter to settle the debt of EUR 675 for the horse they had bought and additionally received around EUR 405 in cash.

The girl was sold for forced labor, i.e. to be a slave to a father and a son from village Orle.

In late February, the two of them came to Sisak from village Orle to take the 15-year ofd girl as agreed with her parents.

The police said that all four of them would be brought to the investigating judge of the County Court in Sisak that day for the offence of human trafficking.

Pedophiles Arrested

The police in several counties in Croatia so far arrested, within the police operation “Collector”,  nine men age 40 to 65  who are suspected of having abused six minors and children for pornography, pimping and having intercourse with a child.

Several police officers and one former police officer were arrested yesterday and one security guard, a journalist, an architect and a mechanic were arrested today.

Croatian media report that the head of the group was a police officer Jadranko O.

In this phase of the action, carried out in Zagreb and Krapinsko-zagorska County, 909 DVDs and CDs were confiscated, containing pornographic material that was mutually exchanged among the suspects and did not go out on the market.


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