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Criminal procedure against Zdravko Laković and Mladen Dalmacija suspended

On December 10 of 2008 in the Third Municipal court in Belgrade, criminal procedure (number K 262/08) with the Presiding Judge Zorica Milosavljević, against Zdravko Laković for criminal acts of illegal deprivation of freedom and mediation in prostitution and against Mladen Dalmacija for mediation in prostitution was suspended. Plaintiffs in this procedure were Moldavian citizens A.M. and M.M.
The First main hearing was supposed to be held on November 27, 2002 (both plaintiffs were present), but it was postponed, just like next three, after which, in May of 2003, it was determined that Mladen Dalmacija is on the run. After his deportation to Serbia from Italy (for the procedure in the Special department of District court in Belgrade), since fall of 2007, the main hearing was scheduled several times (twice held) with the numerous postponement, ultimately leading to limitation.

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