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Construction workers from Serbia delivered to Chechnya like slaves

Tanjug | 13 October 2011

The police in Vranje have brought Goran J. (43) to the investigation judge under suspicion that he committed human trafficking, i.e. that he deceived 15 construction workers from Serbia into slavery.

According to the Vranje polie, Goran J. is suspected that he, together with another Serbian national, mislead 15 construction workers from Serbia, promising them a job in Russia.

The police reports that Goran J. and his accomplice have abused the authority and status of an employer, and that they organized workers’ transportation to Moscow, from where they were transferred, without knowing, to Grozni, town in the Russian Republic of Chechnya,

The workers were exposed to labor exploitation in this town, without wages and they were kept in inhumane conditions like slaves in the period from July 8 until September 13 this year.

Investigating Judge of the Vranje Higher Court order up to one month detention against Goran J. The police is searching another person suspected to be the co-perpetrator of this offence.

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