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Conference „Whose children are missing children?“

Center for Missing and Exploited children from Osijek, in cooperation with Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences from Zagreb, organized the international conference „Whose children are missing children?“, with emphasis to the missing children problem in Croatia and regional countries. At the conference participants were representatives of state and independent institutions from Croatia, academic society, non-governmental organizations members of the Missing Children Europe network. The aim of the conference was an exchange of the experience of all actors who are engaged in the disappearance of children and protection of the children. ASTRA’s representative spoke about the role of the non-governmental organizations in providing the support to the missing children and functioning of the number for missing children 116000 in Serbia. Other speakers presented their experience from different countries and recommendations in order to improve the mechanism of the protection of the missing children and more effective pursuit for missing children.

After the conference, organizers published a publication which is consist of the presentations of all speakers and useful information about project supported by European Commission. Publication is available in English here.

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