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Conference − RECOGNIZE, RESPECT AND REALIZING RIGHTS for trafficked and exploited persons

Open Gate / La Strada Macedonia and La Strada International from January 2018 – December 2020, implement the project “Recognize, Respect, Realize Rights” in the Republic of North Macedonia, in order to strengthen civic activism and build the capacity of civil society organizations in North Macedonia.

As part of this project, an online conference was held on September 24 and 25, through three thematic Webinar sessions intended for civil society organizations. The purpose of the conference is to connect the civil society organizations in N. Macedonia with European and International networks and social movements to strengthen their ability to advocate, monitor, analyze and network. Experts from networks, social movements and other civil society organizations from European countries will be keynote speakers in order to exchange good practices.

On the second day of the conference, ASTRA director Marija Andjelković also spoke at the panel “Access to Justice for Victims of Crime”, referring to the position of victims in the Serbian judicial system and access to compensation.

The positive benefit of the event is capacity building and strengthening of partnerships between civil society organizations at national and European level.

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