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CoE: Rapporteur for organ-trafficking

25 June 2008, Source: B92, FoNet, Beta

Strasbourg, Priština – Swiss representative in Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe Dick Marty was appointed as rapporteur on illicit organs-trafficking in Kosovo.

To remind you, such claims were stated in the book wrote by former prosecutor in Haag Tribunal, Carla Del Ponte. Marty said that trafficking in human organs is a big problem and that Council of Europe together with United Nations work on resolving this issue.

According to the procedure, when he makes report, Marty will present it to Parliamentary Assembly and, once adopted, report becomes resolution which will be afterwards approved by the committee of Ministries of Council of Europe.

Dick Marty became well-known as rapporteur of PACE on secret prisons and flights of the CIA.

Marty got his reputation as prosecutor in fight against organized crime, working on several huge affairs in 90s’, such as “Pizza conection” after which Swiss Minister of Justice, Elisabeth Kopp, resigned from the function for involvement of her husband in money laundry.

From 1975 till 1987, Marty was a prosecutor in Ticino, together with Carla Del Ponte.

At the session of the Committee for human rights and legal affairs, in the name of Serbian delegation which had to leave earlier for the reason of forming government in Belgrade, floor was given to Serbian Ambassador in the Council of Europe Sladjana Prica. She invited Dick Marty to visit Serbia and Kosovo.

Davis: To Kosovo under 1244

General Secretary of Council of Europe, Terry Davis, said that Council of Europe in Kosovo works under UN Resolution 1244.

He also said that their “collocutor in Kosovo is UNMIK”. Davis said that correspondence between Secretary-General of UN, Ban Ki Moon and representatives of Belgrade and Priština partially cleared situation and that Ban clearly said that it is necessary to make operational changes in field.

”This very important” said Davis “to know who we are talking with”.

According to him, it was said that UNMIK will be withdrawn from Kosovo, but this is not the case. “We also have to know arrangements between UNMIK and EULEX misson”, said Davis.

He said that Council of Europe continues the work on the restoration of cultural monuments destroyed in hostilities four years ago and the work on justice matters.

Davis said that he is satisfied that Serbian government will be formed soon, but that he is also disappointed because he will not be able to speak with Serbian President, Boris Tadic, who cancelled his visit to Strasbourg.

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