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CoE on human trafficking

24.06.2008, Source: FoNet, Tanjug

Strasbourg – Committee for human rights and legal affairs of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe should discuss illicit organ-trafficking in Kosovo on tomorrow’s session.

Chief of Serbian delegation in this institution, Miloš Aligrudić, said that this is “the most important topic” for Serbia. “It is supposed that victims of trafficking in human organs are Serbians missing from Kosovo and Metohija territory”, said Aligrudić for Tanjug.

He reminded that this information comes from the book wrote by former Prosecutor of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Carla del Ponte, in which she states that potential victims were taken from Kosovo and Metohija to Albania.
”Agency of Parliamentary Assembly made a decision two or three weeks ago to send this motion to the Committee for human rights and legal affaires in order to look into it according to the report”, said Aligrudić.

He said that for Serbia “Wednesday is key day” as Committee for human rights and legal affairs can “decide not to proceed on this question”.

”If they decide to leave it on the agenda then they will appoint rapporteur for the topic and this is of the most interest for us. After this session of the Committee, Assembly will discuss when it will be on the agenda, said Aligrudić.

He expressed his expectation that “most of the representatives participating in the work of the Committee will insist that such important matter must be included on the agenda.”

”We will give our best to include this on the agenda, the sooner the better, in October or in January”, said Aligrudić.

Russian delegation asked during spring session that this body treats inhuman treatment of people and illicit organ-trafficking in Kosovo.

President of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, Lluís Maria de Puig, said that this question will probably discussed during the week, but also said that allegation from Del Ponte’s book are “not quite based on facts”.

Tadić not to go

President of Serbia, Boris Tadić, probably will not participate in plenary Assembly of CoE in Strasbourg due to his presidential duties, finds out FoNet in the cabinet of the President of Serbia.

It was announced that Tadić will speak as guest on Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe.

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