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Coalition “prEUgovor” signed a donation contract with Royal Norwegian Embassy

On behalf of coalition “prEUgovor” Group 484 signed a donation contract with Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, under the project “Strengthening Civil Society”, on July 14. Member organizations of “prEUgovor” will continue to implement their activities aimed at monitoring the negotiation process with EU, with emphasis on Chapters 23 and 24. As a part of this project and in addition to semi-annual reporting on Serbia’s progress in negotiating process, the coalition has announced new activities,  including capacity building, communication and increasing visibility, as well as continuation of the monitoring process and further developing monitoring mechanisms.

The Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade has supported civil society organisations with about 1.9 million EUR so far this year, though two calls “Strengthening Civil Society” (18 organizations from Serbia and Montenegro awarded) and “Embassy Fund” (22 projects from Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia).



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