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Children forced to begging

Tanjug September 14th 2010

Police department in Sremska Mitrovica arrested Izet S. (31) and Milica N. (26) from Pecinci on grounds of reasonable doubt that these persons committed the crime of trafficking in human beings involving four to 12 years old children, said the Police Department in Sremska Mitrovica today.

By use of physical violence and starvation Izet S. and Milica N. were forcing a twelve year old boy to begging, theft and work inadequate to his age and held him against his will in their house where the child’s mother left him six months ago.

Abusing the parental relationship, dependence and difficult circumstances the suspects were forcing two children to begging in towns in Srem, keeping for themselves the acquired gain.

Social Work  Center in Pecinci decided to provide temporary accommodation for the children in the foster families, says the police statement.

Izet S. and Milica N. were brought before the investigative judge of the Higher Court in Sremska Mitrovica, which after the hearing put them in custody for the period of 30 days.

Against the twelve year old child’s parents Olgica K. (42) and Stevan J. (44) criminal report for the crime of neglect and negligence of the minor will be filed to the Primary Public Prosecutor in Sremska Mitrovica.

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