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Chad: Europeans and child trafficking?

29.10.2007, Source: B92
Paris — Seventeen Europeans arrested in Chad waiting for indictment regarding alleged temptation of child trafficking and trafficking in human organs.

The Europeans, including nine French citizens, are detained in Chad, and may face charges for the alleged illegal transport of 103 children from East Chad to France. Chadian president accused French for attempting to sell children to a pedophile network or to traffickers of human organs.
French government condemn actions of French nongovernmental organization Zoe’s Ark, which is accused by Chad government for the straightforward kidnapping, report French media. President of France Nikolas Sarcozy appraised yesterday operation of the nongovernmental organization as illegal and irresponsible, after telephone conversational with the President of Chad Idris Deby. Ministry of External of France said that French government, especially their diplomatic missions, did everything in order to prevent the operation of this organization and that they warned other ministries, diplomatic embassies of France families and administration of justice.
Representatives of Zoe’s Ark, that are in custody for the attempt transportation of 103 child from Chad and Darfur, defend themselves for not having any prohibitions and their first aim was to transfer orphans from the zones where their lives are endangered, stating that many children are having health problems.
The representatives of UNESCO in Chad said however that large number of those children has parents and that they are in good health condition.

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