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New ASTRA’s campaign “Prevent, Protect, Compensate” is aimed to present the problem of access to right to compensation for victims of human trafficking in the region and different models for realizing this right. The campaign which is part of the project Balkans ACT (Against Crime of Trafficking) Now!, supported by the European Union, encompasses a range of activities which show problems the victim face after getting out of the trafficking chain. The campaign is aimed at popular awareness raising but also at calling on all competent institutions for more active and more efficient approach to the protection of rights to trafficked persons , including right to compensation.

By implementing the campaign “Prevent, Protect, Compensate” we want to present to the broader public victims’ right to compensation and how it is achieved. Since only one case of effective compensation to a trafficked person has been registered so far in Serbia, competent institutions should be called to enable quicker and more efficient access to this right in court proceedings.

For the needs of the campaign a new website has been designed which is focused on this problem http://nadoknadimo.org/. The website contains materials and examples of different models which regulate right to compensation in the countries in the region. In a multi-lingual website there are information and statistical data on trafficking in human beings in the region, on right to compensation and legal frameworks which regulate this right, as well as information on the Balkans ACT Now! Project whish is the framework of in which the campaign has been developed.

Animated TV spot shows potential human trafficking situation, as well as victim’s situation after getting out of the trafficking chain, problems she faces and her shortcoming of the legal system which should support the victim and enable the realization of their rights.  So far the TV spot is broadcasted at RTS1, RTV Vojvodina, RTV Kikinda, RTV Kuršumlija, MTV Srbija, MTV Hrvatska, MTV Slovenija.

Leaflets and posters contained more detailed information on the problem of access to compensation for trafficked persons.


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