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Bulgarians Selling Babies to Greeks

Tanjug | 10. 12. 2010.

SOFIA – According to the National Anti Trafficking Committee, two new regions in Bulgaria have developed market for human trafficking, i.e. for selling babies, while “the buyers” are mostly from Greece.

“Trafficking in new-borns is more developed in the region of Pleven villages and in Varna’s village Kamenar, while the buyers are mostly from Greece”, warned Antoaneta Vasileva, Secretary of the Committee.

According to her, it is usual practice that a woman who decided to sell her baby goes to Greece while she is pregnant.

“In Greece, a new-born girl can be sold for EUR 14,000, while the price of boys ranges between EUR 16,000 and EUR 18,000”, explained Ms. Vasileva for Sofia’s daily “Novinar”.

She said that in the majority of cases, women did not receive promised rewards, but only small amount of money.

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