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“Balkans ACT now!” workshop for the development of an Action plan for regional networking

Within the projectBalkans ACT now!” a workshop for the development of an Action plan for regional networking was organized, as well as a meeting of partner organizations on the project from 29 October to 2 November in Sarajevo. For five days, representatives of organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands and Serbia exchanged their experiences on the current situation in combating trafficking in their own countries, as well as the challenges and changed trends they had been facing in the previous period. With the aim of developing the Action plan for regional networking, the partner organizations presented their so far experiences in creating and participating in different networks in order to produce a joint document at the end of the workshop, which would represent the Action plan for the next two years.

During the last two workshop days, the partners held a project meeting as to summarize the so far results and to plan upcoming activities. The basic activities of the EU project “Balkans ACT Now!” in the third phase are primarily focused on strengthening cooperation with institutions and on institutional regulation, and adopting the Instruments for monitoring, which would allow for an objective and responsible monitoring of the quality of services for the assistance to and the protection of victims of trafficking, with the aim of developing and strengthening capacity of the current and future offices of national rapporteur on human trafficking.

The project “Balkans ACT Now!” is implemented by ASTRA in cooperation with partner organizations: International Solidarity Forum EMMAUS – Bosnia and Herzegovina; Women’s Rights Center – Montenegro; Center for Legal Civic Initiatives (CLCI) – Albania; Open Gate La Strada – Macedonia; Netherlands Helsinki Committee – Netherlands with support of the European Union.  

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