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Athens: Arrests for illicit ova trafficking

Source: Beta-AFP | 18. 09. 2010. – 20:16h |

Greek police arrested five individuals, including one doctor, suspected of exploiting immigrant women for illicit ova trafficking in Bulgaria, local authorities have said today.

Greek police, in cooperation with Bulgarian police, arrested the doctor, two Bulgarian and two Romanian nationals.

The doctor was arrested at the clinic, at the moment when he was supposed to perform the procedure of illicitly removing ova on a 23-year old Romanian citizen.

Such a procedure was also performed on a Bulgarian citizen who arrived to Greece one year earlier, supposedly to work, but who was later forced to prostitution.

One of the suspects is a 37-year old Romanian women who had shared this experience in the last four years, but who later facilitated contact between other Romanian citizens with Bulgarian ova smugglers.

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