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ASTRA has joined with the GlobalGiving organization

Dear friends,

We did it! ASTRA has joined with the GlobalGiving organization to raise funds for victims of human trafficking. In the previous 10 days we had a goal to raise $5000, and as you can see, we accomplished our goal! Our project will receive long-term support through GlobalGiving.

Thank you all for your support and donations. You have become part of our team and your donations helped the victims of human trafficking in Serbia by giving them psychological, legal and medical help they needed. Additionally, they will be provided with safe accommodations, legal representation, clothes and food; they will be supported in going back to school, finding a job and restoring their family and social networks. Your donation has provided victims with everything they need in order to build a safe and happy life; a life which will not allow them to become a victim again.

ASTRA will continue to conduct activities with GlobalGiving and to work on projects together. Go to  goto.gg/23266, to stay updated with our news and to share the news with friends and other people who are interested!

Thank you very much.

ASTRA team

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