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ASTRA became a member of the The European Implementation Network (EIN)

ASTRA has been joined The European Implementation Network (EIN) which is dedicated to the full, consistent, and effective implementation of European Court judgments. EIN’s mission is to build and strengthen the ability of lawyers, NGOs, and communities to access every part of the Council of Europe that can contribute to better implementation of these judgments; to advocate for full implementation of particular cases, and to support more robust structures that facilitate implementation.

As an organization with a huge experience in the improving the legal and institutional framework in the cases of human trafficking, missing children and missing babies ASTRA became a member of the EIN in the July 2018. We are honoured to have a chance to contribute to the EIN work in order to strengthen implementation of the European Court judgments in practice.  

ASTRA will contribute to the Network’s long-term goals for the next period:

  • To advocate for effective implementation of judgments through improved structures and processes, enhanced transparency, and greater participation of civil society;
  • To build the capacity of NGOs and civil society to effectively engage in implementation processes both in the Council of Europe and at the national level;
  • To facilitate the exchange of information between EIN’s partners and the Council of Europe; and to increase the access of EIN’s partners to Council of Europe decision-makers.


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