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Assistance and support of the Fund of the Canadian Embassy

With assistance and support of the Fund of the Canadian Embassy, ASTRA reaffirmed and reconstructed the Day Center in 2016, which had been active since 2007. The Day Center is, above all, designed for victims of human trafficking who are not accommodated in shelters, and who are left out of the existing aid programs. In the recent period, children from institutions for children without parental care who are at risk of becoming victims of trafficking, as well as the victims of human trafficking were accommodated in the Day Center. The children had an opportunity to participate in different workshops, such as Do it yourself, Art workshops, Emotional and partnership relations – good and bad emotions, New Year’s calendar of wishes, Know your rights, Safe use of Internet and social networks, Human trafficking prevention etc. The workshops aimed at contributing to strengthening of capacities of the children under risk and children victims of human trafficking in various fields, and at empowering them after they exit the institutional care.

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