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Arrests for Human Trafficking

Beta, Thursday, 5 March 2009 19:56

The Negotin Police reported that Ilija N. (60) and Miloš B. (57) from Negotin, suspected of human trafficking offence, were arrested today.

The chief of the Department for Combating Illegal Migrations and Human Trafficking of the Bor Police Department Vladimir Lakićevć said at the press conference that the accused had attempted to traffic four girls, two of whom were 13 years old.

“The victims of this offence are female persons, one of whom is 18, another 17 and two girls are only 13”, Lakićević said, without specifying where the victims came from.

According to the information that the police have, the committing of this offence had lasted for three months before the criminal report was filed. They have given up providing stronger evidence in order to protect the victims.

Lakićević specified that, in cooperation with the Department for Border Affairs for Foreigners for Combating Illegal Migrations and Human Trafficking, the two residents of Negotin were arrested on February 27.

He said that the girls were safe and that the district and local anti-trafficking teams were taking care of their physical and psychological condition.

It is said that the arrested persons were handed over to the investigating judge of the Negotin District Court, who, having head them, ordered 30-day custody.

It could be heard at today’s press conference that this is the worst case of human trafficking in the Negotin region, because for the first time minors appear as victims.

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