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Another baby offered for sale on Internet

28.05.2008, Source: Beta

A couple from Vancouver offered their one week old baby for sale on the Internet for 10.000 dollars, stated Canadian police few days after similar case in Germany.

The girl was taken by Social service and police started an investigation against the parents for human trafficking, said police officer Tim Fanning. According to him, baby’s parents are known to the police as drug abusers.
The ad for sale a baby was placed at popular website for free ads www.craigslist.com.
Parents described the girl as “healthy and very cute” and added that they can not afford to raise her and that they are looking for a good home. “Call ASAP” they said.
Police was alarmed by Marilyn Bateman who noted the ad among others at the section “general”.
Tim Fanning said that police found four persons at the apartment of the advertisers and a baby. “First thing they said was that they were only joking”, he said. Parents of the baby were shortly in prison, and the investigation is ongoing.
On Sunday, German police took the custody under seven months old baby as parents advertised sale on auction website eBay for a start price of one euro.
23 years old mother said that she was joking and only wanted to see if someone will respond.
Jarić, photo reporter of Blic Daily has become their victim.

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