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An Arrest in Zagreb for Pimping Serbian Citizens

Beta | 10. 06. 2011.

ZAGREB – Croatian police has arrested three persons suspected of committing an offence of international prostitution against two citizens of Serbia, the Zagreb police reported today.

The girls from Serbia, 21 and 22 years old, had come in contact with the suspects G.M.(31) and G.V. (31) in Novi Sad through an acquaintance from Belgrade  whose identity is not known at the moment.

There, at one catering establishment, at suspects’ urging, it was agreed that the girls would come to Zagreb in April for the purpose of providing sexual services in exchange of money; they entered Croatia at the Bajakovo border check point, where G.M. awaited them and brought them to Zagreb.

Then, they met the other two suspect who organized them accommodation and gave them cell phones.

The first suspect Ž. B. (45) was publicizing ads on girls’ behalf and covering rental costs of flats they used, while one woman, whose identity is not known at the moment, was in charge of communication with clients, coordination and scheduling appointments.

One of the girls was providing sex services until May 29, when she returned to Serbia, while the other continued until the arrest, the Zagreb police reported.

The citizens of Serbia have earned around 30,000 kuna (approximately EUR 4000(), half of which they gave to the three suspects.

After criminal investigation, the three suspects have been brought to the investigating judge of the County Court in Zagreb.

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