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An American Company Pimped Boys

8 December, 2010; Source: Tanjug

London – A Wikileeks document states that an American private company’s employees who trained the Afghan forces, pimped boys to police officers.

DynCorp conducted suspicious business activities during the training of the police officers in Afghanistan (FoNet, archives).

According to the document, police officers who were often under the influence of drugs sexually violated boys.

According to the documents, the DynCorp company, which was employed to train Afghan police forces has been involved in “engaging” young Afghan boys for private parties.

Eight to 15 year old boys performed “traditional dances”, forbidden by the Taliban, at the parties organized in the Afghan region Kunduz.

Wearing make-up and dressed in women’s clothes, the boys performed a seductive dance for mostly older and often drugged men – state the documents published by the British newspaper “Guardian” and “City State Times” portal.

After the performance, the men were buying boys in auction and sexually exploited them.

Afghanistan demanded that private companies should be put under a much stricter control of the government, but the American embassy did not find a legal basis to fulfill their demand and take the control over the training centers of the DynCorp.

“Guardian” wrote that during the investigation of the incident two police officers and nine Afghans were arrested.

The dispatch says that during the last June meeting with the US assistant ambassador, Afghan Minister of the Interior Hanif Atmar stressed that this incident should be hushed up and that publishing of the story would put many lives in danger.

The DynCorp company is also known to the Serbian public. In 2005 it won the tender for building the cargo terminal at the Belgrade airport but in November 2006 it informed the Serbian government that it would withdraw from the project.

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