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Advanced training for writing project proposals and fundraising

ASTRA organized advanced training for writing project proposals and fundraising for the organization which need additional knowledge in this field, on October 22-23. Training was a practical course for representatives from the different organizations of civil societies with the aim of their continuous professional development as a fundraiser. During the two days, participants had an opportunity to broaden their skills and knowledge to write a strong funding proposal that meets most institutional donor’s priorities and requirements. Furthermore, lecturer Jasmina Haynes presented how to address requirements linking to your organisational wellbeing (policies, strategies etc.) and institutional donor’s themes.  

The attendees at the training were representatives from the organizations which are leading on writing a concept note or full proposal for institutional donors.

By the end of the 2-day course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key organisational policies and strategies that will make you bidding ready
  • Build and make effective cases for funding support including defining the main selling points of your organisation
  • Strengthen your understanding of what funders are looking for and assess the likelihood of your funding proposal being successful
  • Use project planning tools to design and present your project effectively for a strong funding application
  • Improve how convincing your bid writing is
  • Develop a long-term structured approach to fundraising

The course is designed to bring further tangible value to the participating organisations by all sessions being focused on a current or forecast fundraising opportunity.

The training was organized within the support of the Philanthropy Advancing Women’s
Human Rights (PAWHR).


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