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prEUgovor report on progress of Serbia in Chapters 23 and 24


Coalition prEUgovor was presented at a press conference on May 20, another independent report on Serbia’s progress in the implementation of policies in the areas of judiciary and fundamental rights (Chapter 23) and freedom, security and justice (Chapter 24), and offered a number of recommendations for improvement in these chapters. The emphasis of the conference was on the matters covered by Chapters 23 and 24 and which were the most important in the previous six-month period, such as gender inequality and the fight against corruption. In general, although some progress has been made in these areas in the coming period the Republic of Serbia should make a significant effort to undertake all planned activities and measures, which are listed in the action plans. ASTRA as a member of the coalition and within its standard activity followed the creation of a national mechanism to prevent and combat trafficking in persons, and the rights of victims of trafficking. In this report, you can read that in the past the problems remain the same, that there has been some progress in the process of joining the EU, but not enough to fully realize the rights of victims of trafficking and ensure their protection and support. Also, Serbia is faced with problems in identification, especially during the refugee crisis. The entire prEUgovor report can be read here Preugovor report May 2016

This project is financially supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade (www.norveska.org.rs)

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