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Progress Report for 2015

The European Commission published Progress Report for 2015. You can find below the part related to human trafficking.

“Labour exploitation of men, mainly Serbian nationals abroad, is increasing. There is a need to better identify victims, particularly asylum seekers and unaccompanied foreign minors.

Very few cases of trafficking in human beings have been successfully investigated, despite Serbia being a source, transit and destination country for trafficked people and facing increased migratory pressure. The draft anti-trafficking strategy and action plan are still pending adoption. A comprehensive, multidisciplinary and victim-oriented approach to human trafficking has yet to be developed. While Serbia has a coordinator for operational cooperation in the Ministry of Interior, it has yet to appoint a national rapporteur on combating human trafficking in line with the acquis. The Centre for Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking needs to strengthen its capacity. No state-run emergency shelter is available for the victims of trafficking and there is no appropriate centre for child victims. Adequate funding needs to be earmarked for assisting victims of human trafficking; the relevant fund has not yet been set up. There is a need to further improve identifying, protecting and assisting victims of trafficking.”

The whole Report is available here.

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