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29.05.2008, Source: Blic

KRAGUJEVAC – G. Đ. (38) from Kragujevac was arrested on Tuesday for collecting and distributing pornographic material over Internet, in which occur minor persons.

The accused, father of two minor girls, got 48-hours detention, after which he will be brought to judge in Municipal court. According to Blic source, G. Đ. received hundreds of videos of erotic and pornographic materials, in which actors are children. Most of the material he kept in his computer. Police is trying to establish whether the videos contain materials recorded in Kragujevac or in other towns in Serbia, as well as to found out identities of persons involved in creation and distribution.
Police found out the name of a man from Belgrade who sent part of videos to G. Đ. Off the record, Blic discovers that there are clues that on some videos is recorded his younger daughter, elementary school pupil, but it is hard to prove as the picture is not clear. The accused denied that he recorded his daughter.

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