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Manual for Work on SOS Hotline for (potential) Victims of  Human Trafficking has been created on the basis of ASTRA’s eight-year experience in running an SOS hotline specialized for the problem of human trafficking, which was one of rare such services in SEE region when it was established. Over these eight years, valuable methodology has been developed, certain results have been achieved, some new problems emerged, while many dilemmas from the past still remain without satisfactory answers. We hope that our experience in the area in which we were quite self-taught would be useful for all those who are planning to start similar hotline service. We also think that this Manual will be of use for those who are managing SOS hotline services specialized for other problems (family violence, violence against children etc.) since human trafficking may come as their consequence or be hidden behind them.

Through five chapters, the Manual discusses different aspects of work on specialized anti-trafficking SOS hotline, including the definition of trafficking victims and socio-demographic characteristics of persons ASTRA has been in contact with, types of telephone lines for providing assistance, the principles of work on ASTRA SOS Hotline, the organization of work, how to conduct a telephone call with the understanding of the psychology of victim and accompanying programs. Special attention is paid to the position of SOS hotline in the national referral mechanism and the initiative to set up a European SOS hotline for human trafficking, Besides ASTRA’s practice, the Manual also presents the experiences and reflections of our colleagues from Incest Trauma Center Belgrade, La Strada Moldova, Open Gate – La Strada Macedonia and La Strada International.

This Manual is published in Serbian and English with support of OSCE Mission to Serbia.


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