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“Combating Trafficking in Human Beings – Manual for Teachers” is designed as a resource which would help teachers to organize classes in which trafficking in human being will be addressed as a topic in an interesting way and to learn themselves more about this problem, its various aspects and actors that could help them in different forms of prevention.

ASTRA’s entire preventive and educational work with teachers, including this Manual, is a result of our many years of experience in dealing with the problem of trafficking in persons/children. It has been designed based on the results of our every day practice in the areas of prevention and education, as well as on the experiences and cooperation with our local and regional partners. In addition, the Manual builds on numerous successful workshops (several hundreds) on the topic of human trafficking which ASTRA Peer Education Team has held in primary and secondary schools across Serbia.

The Manual consists of six chapters, each one addressing a specific aspect of human trafficking and provides general information for teachers, a proposal of a workshop, i.e. ways in which a certain topic could be dealt with within a school class, ideas for extra activities, ideas for organizing various anti-trafficking actions in school and accompanying materials. All the materials necessary for conducting the workshops and for holding a class in general are given in the section “Annexes” in a way which enables easy photocopying and multiplying.

“Combating Trafficking in Human Beings – Manual for Teachers” has been produced with support of Save the Children Norway, OAK Foundation and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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