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A successful fight against human trafficking and tackling the consequences of this complex phenomena require planned and coordinated action of a large number of actors, as well as support from the whole of society. For this reason, we invited experts from various institutions that may come in contact with (potential) victims of trafficking to shed light on different aspects of this problem that are of relevance for their colleagues. The basic idea underlying the production of this Manual was to have our associates present their colleagues with their results to date, the methods and details of the work of specific institutions in the field of prevention, prosecution and protection of human trafficking victims, as well as to promote best practices and experiences in this field. Because of the need to approach the topic multidisciplinary, the Manual is designed as a compilation of texts by authors from various professions. We believe the experiences from certain institutions will also be of use to those not employed in them, primarily providing a wider overview and enabling the readers to recognize both positive solutions and potential weak points in the entire chain of actions in the field of combating this problem.

The Manual contains articles by Biljana Slavković, psychodrama therapist, Željka Martinovski, psychologist from the Crnjanski Education System, Rajko Atanacković from the Ministry of Justice, Professor Violeta Beširević from the Union University Law School, Professor Milan Žarković from the Academy for Criminalistic and Police Studies, Snežana Elez from the Ministry of the Interior, doc. dr. Đorđe Alempijević from the Institute for Forensic Medicine, Milena Banić, lawyer and Sanja Kljajić from the Institute for Social Protection.


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