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АSTRA’s action – An Anti Trafficking Grafitti

R. B. | 01. 12. 2010. – 00:02h | Foto: A. Stanković

A big graffiti on the wall in Kralja Milana Street, painted yesterday across the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, says “STOP, children are not slaves” in red and white letters on black surface. This work of art is a part of the campaign launched by ASTRA, nongovernmental organization dedicated to combating all forms of human trafficking, especially women and children.

There is also an SOS hotline number 011-3347-817 painted on the wall, where citizens can obtain all information about the problem of human trafficking, This is where both victims and potential victims, as well as their family members and all those who are currently in the trafficking chain or who managed to escape, but never received any psycho-social help, may get support.

–         We have decided to paint a graffiti in the centre of the city in order to draw attention of young people in particular, but also of all citizens, to the problem of human trafficking. The Vracar Municipality and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments have supported us in this action – says Nataša Bošković, ASTRA’s PR coordinator.

The authors of this graffiti, which was painted yesterday under the heavy rain that was pouring all day, are Lore Tack (30) and TKC (22). Young artists say that they were happy to join ASTRA’s action as it is important to raise awareness of this problem.

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